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Welcome to the Transmute Retreat

I am so excited that you are interested in coming with us to the Transmute Retreat! It’s going to be an amazing experience that will change your life forever.

Feel free to browse around this site and check out all the information about this amazing opportunity!

Transmute Retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an immersive week with me to dive deep into your live performance and unlock your true abilities

This retreat is the most intimate and powerful thing that we do. It’s not for everyone. There is a strict application process and we are only inviting 15 people to come with us to the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

If you are here at this site, then I believe you have what it takes to come with us and experience cutting edge live performance techniques used by some of the world’s top performing artists such as  Porter Robinson, Herbie Hancock and many more.




Spend time sharing ideas, get feedback, spend time in nature, vision mapping, dissect and research live shows and practice daily, all culminating in a live performance for the local community.


Connect with your authentic artistry through creativity coaching, yoga, meditation, healthy food and time spent in nature.




Atlantic Center for the Arts 

1414 Art Center Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Phone: (386) 427-6975

Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) is a nonprofit, interdisciplinary artists’ community and arts education facility providing artists an opportunity to work and collaborate with contemporary artists in the fields of composing, visual, literary, and performing arts.


Imagine peaceful natural surroundings, wide open beaches and a high end studio complex. Enjoy six days and nights of music, art, guest speakers and more. A truly transformative retreat for musicians!

The ACA features cabins, studios, trails and endless possibilities. Be a part of a curated small group of artists brainstorming live shows, helping each other with ideas and creating an incredible performance.



We believe that in order to have the best show possible you want to be at your prime so that you’re ready to deliver a killer performance at every show!

Transmute means to change in form, nature or substance.

We also believe that immersion is key for rapid transformation.

During this 6 day journey we will guide you through the process that helped Laura Escude (a.k.a – Alluxe) go from being an overworked artist, to the point of being hospitalized, all the way to performing and doing all of the things that she was doing before and then some, without running herself ragged and still waking up excited every day about what she does!

Once you apply, we will discuss cost and all other questions that you have. Your payment covers your accommodations and three meals a day of your choice. However, airfare and transportation is not included in the cost of the retreat.

This retreat is designed for performing artists looking to take their live performance to a new level. If you’re ready to captivate your audience and have them hanging on every note of your show without being confined to a set list or a pre-programmed song structure, then this retreat was designed specifically for you. This retreat requires a hefty commitment in yourself – and of your energy, your money, and your time.

You will join a special group of people who are extremely dedicated to their craft. If you are looking for an easy, breezy vacation to Florida, this is not it. If you’re looking to sip mai-tai’s next to the beach, this retreat is not for you.

This retreat is designed for people who are about performing at their highest level. Who are ready to stare at themselves, rip apart their live performance, and support the group as we all go through a profound transformational experience.

The Transmute retreat experience is designed for people who want to be their most authentic self.


If that’s you – then apply today!


Imagine spending 7 luscious days in nature, doing yoga, eating the most amazing food and working on the next version of your live performance.

Spend time sharing ideas, get feedback, spend time in nature, vision mapping, dissect and research live shows and practice daily, all culminating in a live performance for the local community.

Connect with your authentic artistry through creativity coaching, yoga, meditation, healthy food and time spent in nature. 

Our retreat is designed to give you an experiential process so that the most amount of transformation can happen in the shortest amount of time. All meals are prepared for you, so all you have to do is show up, let go and go within.


Day 1 – Arrival Schedule

3:00pm: Arrive & check in.

4:30pm – 5:30pm: Introduction & Welcome

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Dinner

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Opening circle and intention setting


Day 7 - Departure Schedule

7:00am – Sunrise, beach time or soundwalks.

7:30am – Group yoga and meditation in dance studio.

9:00am – Breakfast

10:00am – Sharing and goodbyes

12:00pm – Departure home


Day 2 - 6 Schedule

7:00am – Sunrise, beach time or soundwalks.

7:30am – Group yoga and meditation in dance studio.

9:00am – Breakfast

10:30am – Workshop: Sharing of progress, group research, study of artist live shows in Concert Hall

1:00pm – Lunch

Rotating Afternoon CHILL OUT area in dance studio (with meditation, subtle listening, and relaxation)

2:30pm – Scheduled One-on-One sessions and personal practice time.

6:00pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Personal practice, reflection, networking, and relaxation



Imagine open fields, hidden forests, green valleys, and a high end studio complex. 

Enjoy seven days and nights of music, art, guest speakers and more. A true transformative retreat for musicians – featuring cabins, studios, and endless possibilities! 

There will be a small curated group of artists that will be taking part in the retreat and every day we will be discussing live shows and helping each other with ideas.

The retreat begins on the evening of December 15th with an informal supper to introduce the artists to Atlantic Center and one another, and to discuss the schedule and format for the retreat. 

Artists are given a tour of the grounds and the shared performance spaces. 

Private accommodations are provided for each artist with a view of the natural vegetation. 

Artists are provided with a private room with a full-size bed, bathroom with shower, small refrigerator, and performance space with speakers. 

Healthful meals are provided during the week to all artists; special dietary needs are accommodated.

Design and practice the next iteration of your live show in an intimate environment limited to 15 people. 

Engage in meaningful interaction and stimulating discussions with fellow artists, while pursuing individual or group projects. 

It is an ideal setting for the exchange of ideas and the inspiration for new work. 

Throughout the week you will attend workshops, engage in discussions, meet with retreat leaders, have individual and group critiques, collaborate, and practice, all culminating in a performance that is open to the public.



During your stay, you will spend several hours per day working with Artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Alluxe (Laura Escudé), Mind Body Wellness Guide Rachel Chase and ACA Arts & Wellness ambassador Lady Eve. You will also work with your group in meetings, workshops, conversations and other special activities.

Outside of these sessions, you will have time to immerse yourself in the development of your live show. Studios are communal and shared, and are open to all artists 24 hours a day, every single day.



Artist – Alluxe. Learn technical and creative ways to move forward –  Alluxe will perform and lecture about her work and how it applies to the development of your live show. Learn how she has helped develop her clients’ live shows. 

Work with Alluxe includes a personalized mentoring session for the premium package, small group sessions to share knowledge and ideas, and research projects to get inspired by other artists’ live shows.



ACA Arts & Wellness Ambassador – Lady Eve. Tune in to your environment, learn subtle listening, work within your surroundings, navigate the ambience and acoustics of a venue and the mood of the audience. 

Includes a live DJ set for the group welcome in the amphitheater, morning sound-walks, and afternoon ambient chill-out guided meditation in the field house



Wellness Guide – Rachel Chase.Yoga and meditation classes and sound healing. Uncover the WHY – What is your story? Who are you as an artist? What is your message? How are you communicating? 

Get clear and focused. Premium package includes personalized creative coaching session.



If you’re not familiar with the behind the scenes world of live performances, you may not know the person behind some of the biggest shows in the world such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Herbie Hancock, Miguel, American Idol, and many more.


Laura Escudé (aka Alluxe) went from the being the world’s first Ableton Certified Trainer in 2008 to being the first to implement the software in some of the most prestigious live shows all over the globe. As CEO and Founder of Electronic Creatives, Escudé put her music programming, DJ and controllerist skills to use training programmers and playback engineers for Logic, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Big Sean, Charli XCX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Porter Robinson and many more. 


She has focused her pioneering spirit on empowering others to not only follow in her footsteps, but to forge their own path forward, building a community of top-performing artists and professionals around the high-level expertise and uncompromising work ethic that precipitated her success. In 2017 she created the annual Transmute Retreat, where she combined music, technology and wellness in a unique experience for artists to create the next version of their live show in a healthy, supportive environment. In 2018 she created MASTERTRACK, the first ever 2-week intensive program for music programmers and playback engineers.


Her alter ego Alluxe's huge sound and fashion-forward look is complimented by her alluring stage presence complete with custom LED controllers, vocals and violin. She never fails to impress as she blends original compositions, improvised beats, and violin loops seamlessly. 


Her signature “future classical” sound fuses hip hop and bass music to create a unique style of forward thinking electronic music. Buzzing synths soar over the top of rippling bass lines punctuated by organic percussion. The dramatic build ups in tandem with her classical violin training give her music a larger than life cinematic feel. Her production skills have earned her commissioned remixes for M83, Polica, and Mr. Hudson, and her violin can be heard on albums by Big Grams, Watch The Throne, Hit Boy, Sage Francis and more.


Alluxe has opened for the likes of Miguel, Garbage and Machinedrum and has performed with Miguel, Kiesza, Charli XCX and Iggy Azalea.



"When it came time to take my solo live set to the next level I was referred to Ableton Live sonic scientist Laura Escudé. Since she is a musician and producer herself, we started with her showing me some of her techniques and then I brainstormed and built upon those.  This lead to a brand new way of performing for me, utilizing all kinds of new controllers and software, allowing me to be very improvisational. It was very easy to work with Laura because she gets what I do from an artistic perspective and has the technical knowledge to pull off my unconventional ideas. It was a pleasure for me to work with her and I will again as my live set continues to evolve." -Herbie Hancock