Transmute will lead you through an interactive program that will transform your live show. These concepts below will help push you there.

Here’s what you can expect: 

Wk 1: Your Vision, Your Show, Your Legacy

  • Artistic Influences

  • Styles of Performance

  • What Statement Do You Want To Make?

  • What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Live Show?

Wk 2: Getting The Gear You Need

  • Signal Flow For Your Set: Understanding Interfaces, Midi Devices, Connections, Redundancy

  • Choosing The Gear That Is Right For Your Set Up

  • Budget: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

  • Building Your Rig

  • Why The Shiniest Car May Not Be The Best Driving Car

Wk 3: From The Studio To The Stage

  • Bouncing and Exporting Your Stems

  • Choosing Your Setlist

  • Develop Your Sonic Narrative With Your Set

  • Organization and Session Back Ups

  • Building Your Live Session

Wk 4: Set Up Your Set Up + Live Looping + Creative Live Techniques + Syncing Your Tech

  • Live Looping

  • Programming FX and Automation/Transitions

  • Tempo and Staying On The Grid

  • IEM/Latency

  • Midi and Audio Devices

  • What Are The Things You Need To Know When You Arrive At Venue

Wk 5: Troubleshooting: When Nothing Goes Right

  • How to react when faced with dilemmas during performance

  • Restarting and Reinstalling/Updating software/drivers

  • Making Mistakes Live

  • Biggest Challenges

  • Dealing With Uncontrollables

Wk 6: The Philosophy Of Live Performance

  • The Audience

  • Read The Room: Performance Techniques To Elicit Responses

  • Extroverted Vs Introverted

  • Posture, Body Language, Expression, Confidence

  • Learn From The Legends (Artist Examples)

  • WOW Moments

  • Keeping Your Cool

Wk 7: Practice, Practice, Practice - Learn So You Don’t Have To Think

  • Your Technique

  • Commit Your Gear And Set Up To Muscle Memory

  • Always Have a Back up Plan

  • Routine

  • The Philosophy of Practice (Hi Frequency Lo Rep vs Low Frequency Hi Rep)

  • The Best Practice Is Gigging

Wk 8: Getting Gigs: What To Do And How To Do It, Collabing Live, THE FUTURE

  • How To Market Your Skills/Set

  • Shopping Your Art Around

  • Recording Yourself

  • Building a Buzz

  • Developing Connections

  • Your Future And The Universe