UCLA Extension Film Scoring program

Florida State University BA Violin Performance with Business Minor

Vanderbilt University Violin Performance




Ableton Live (Ableton Certified Trainer)

Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Native Instruments

Music Technology + Programming for Studios and Tours

Electronic Music Production + Remixes

Film Scoring & Sound Design

String Arrangement + Recordings



live shows

2017 Logic Everybody Tour (Live Show Design, Programming)

2016 Kanye West St. Pablo Tour (Programming Design)

2016 Charli XCX (DJ, Programming)

2016 Demi Lovato (Programming)

2015-2016 Miguel (DJ, Programming)

2015 Iggy Azalea (DJ, Musical Direction, playback)

2015 Kiesza (DJ)

2015 Becky G (Musical Direction)

2015 Kanye West (playback + vocal effects)

2014 Porter Robinson (live show design)

2013-2014 Kanye West Yeezus + one offs (playback + vocal effects)

2014 Mike Posner (playback, controller design)

2014 Selena Gomez (playback)

2014 The Crystal Method (playback, controller design)

2013-2014 The Weeknd (playback)

2013 Becky G (playback design)

2013 Solange (playback design)

2013 Yeah Yeah Yeahs (keyboard + sfx design)

2011-2012 Kanye West + Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” tour (playback + vocal effects)

2012 Kanye West “Dark Fantasy” shows (playback, vocal effects)

2012 Childish Gambino (playback, keyboard + drum sampling—design)

2012 Cat Power (playback, keyboard + drum sampling—design)

2012 Silversun Pickups (playback, keyboard + drum sampling—design)

2012 Garbage (playback, keyboard + drum sampling—design)

2011 Kanye West + Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” tour (playback + vocal effects)

2011 Kanye West“Dark Fantasy” tour (vocal effects)

2011 Bon Iver (vocal effects +keyboard sampling—design)

2011 M83 (vocal effects—design)

2011 Herbie Hancock “Solo Piano” (custom controller design, playback, keyboards—design)

2011 Cirque du Soleil “IRIS” (playback—design)

2011 Wayne Linsey (playback, controller design—design)

2010 Drake “Away From Home” tour (playback)

2009 Kanye West “Glow in the Dark” tour (playback—design)

2009 Cirque du Soleil’s ELVIS (playback)

2009 Niyaz European Tour(playback, sound design, violin)




2017 Fervor (single)

2016 Contrast (EP)

2015 Stay The Same ft. Mr MFN eXquire (single)

2014 Hold U ft. Sister Crayon (single)

2014 New Beat Fund – Get Up (Alluxe Official Remix)

2013 NOMAD (EP) 

2013 Mr. Hudson – Fred Astaire (Alluxe Official Remix)

2012 M83 – Steve McQueen (Alluxe Official Remix)

2012 Polica – Lay Your Cards Out (Alluxe Official Remix)

2012 Music Producer for Yemi A.D., choreographer for Kanye West

2010 Pororoca (critically acclaimed LP)

2010 Visa

2010 Electric Daisy Carnival interstitial video sound design

2010 Lightning in a Bottle DJ Mix competition Runner Up

2007 Lovewrecked film

2005 Red is the Color Of film




2015 Big Grams "Goldmine Junkie"

2012 Hit-Boy HitStory mixtape

2011 Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” tour H.A.M. Intro -arrangement and recording

2011 Kanye West & Jay-Z“Watch The Throne” on “Made in America”

2011 90210 TV Show

2010 Google Cloud Conference

2010 EastWest’s Quantum Leap Silk sound library

2010 Dancing With the Stars with Jason Derulo

2009 Power of the Game documentary

2007 PlatEAU “Kushbush”

2007 Sage Francis “Human The Death Dance”

2007-2008 Torrance Symphony

2004-2008 Santa Monica Symphony