“I am known for working with a band of whizz kid producers, one of whom is a Grammy award winning legend. But who did we need to call when we were trying to figure out how to translate our record to the stage? That's right! A beautiful blonde slip of a girl by the name of Laura Escudé. She's hardcore, dude.”

 Shirley Manson, Garbage

"After years of balking at the use of computers in our live show, the Ableton system Laura designed for us has completely changed my opinion.  Ableton handles everything we need it to and we're still just scratching the surface of what it can do.  As opposed to our old setup, I actually get excited about making changes to our live show now!  It has left the hardware samplers we'd been using in the dust on every level.  It's more flexible, more usable, and way more enjoyable!" 

— Joe Lester, Silversun Pickups

"When it came time to take my solo live set to the next level I was referred to Ableton Live sonic scientist Laura Escudé. Since she is a musician and producer herself, we started with her showing me some of her techniques and then I brainstormed and built upon those.  This lead to a brand new way of performing for me, utilizing all kinds of new controllers and software, allowing me to be very improvisational. It was very easy to work with Laura because she gets what I do from an artistic perspective and has the technical knowledge to pull off my unconventional ideas. It was a pleasure for me to work with her and I will again as my live set continues to evolve." 

— Herbie Hancock

"I thought I knew Ableton Live until I met Laura.  Turns out I had a lot to learn.  She’s one of the first to actually certify some of today's best Ableton certified trainers.  She can really help you put your act together."

 Patrick Kelley, Cirque du Soleil

"We’re hearing, immersing and haven fallen prey to the siren sound of this producer" 

— Vibe Magazine

"The ultimate game-changer effortlessly built for the 6 AM warehouse space" 

— Earmilk

“Alluxe made this remix sound so different from the original: that's what I always look for. I like to be surprised and she definitely brought originality and novelty to the song.”

— Anthony Gonzalez, M83

"The Alluxe take is the most interesting, simply because it’s the most subtle, building tension from fractured vocal loops and dizzying 808 beats."

— Paste Magazine

"Alluxe’s remix of “Lay Your Cards Out” takes on Channy Leaneagh’s original vocals, whom is also apart of GAYNGS, and speeds up the pace for a more danceable tune. What Alluxe especially does best is build on Leaneagh’s vocals and flushes ‘em out just right for one sedating drop (done far better than the original)."

— Silence No Good